Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Brain is Melting...

I know that the last thing you want to listen to right now is me bitching about how hot it is but Oh Em Gee. I can't take it anymore. I call uncle. Out. I'm done.

This is the temperature inside my car today:

The temperature outside my car is only slightly lower:

The treatment we're getting from Mother Nature is inhumane.  She's clearly punishing us for something.  Did I blog a bitchy post about the weather being too cold back in April?  I probably did.  She's all "Cold huh?  Take THAT Bitch!"  I'm sorry Mother Nature.  You win.  Now can we please take it under 90.  I'm going to have to sell a child to pay for my electric bill this month.  Which one do you  think is worth more?  We're only a couple of weeks into summer.


  1. I spent two hours outside today and it may take me all week to recover from the heat stroke.

  2. We were in MA on Monday and Tuesday last week and then in NH on W, Th, then back to Boston on Fri. It was gorgeous everyday. No humidity. We actually wore sweatshirts in NH both days. It's all people talked about. We came just as it got cool and left just as it was warming up. It was destiny. I'm sorry it's so miserable there. I feel ya. It'd have ruined my vacation fo sho.


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