Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Noise in my Head...

I'm all spun up this afternoon and I don't even know how to explain it well enough to give the subject a good rant. I'll start by saying "DAMN DRUG COMPANIES!"

One of the medications I take is via injection. It comes in a 20ml vial. I take one 6ml injection per week.

One brand of the medication adds a preservative to the vial so that I can use the vial after it's been opened. This way I get three doses out of each vial (20/6 = 3.33333), thus each refill is good for three months.

Another brand of the medication does NOT add a preservative to the vial. Once it is opened you have to throw it away. So I get ONE dose out of the same size vial and then have to throw the rest away making each refill good for ONE month.

Thankfully this particular drug is cheap (to me), just my $5.00 copay. But what if I didn't have insurance? It would be a financial hardship to be paying three times as much and having to throw away medication. It's flipping ridiculous. And before anyone tells me to always request the one with the preservative, I'll tell you it's frequently on back-order which I'm sure is some sort of financial conspiracy. Whenever I go to the pharmacy I never know whether I'm going to get one month's worth of prescription or three.

I've been inside my head fuming about this for over an hour now and I have nothing constructive as a solution. Drug companies are douche-tastic. I feel sorry for people who are sick and don't have medical insurance. I hate waste. I worry about all the people who don't understand this stuff and probably jack up their medication and get financially screwed over it. *big sigh*

AND PS - it makes my hair fall out. Stupid medication.



  1. stupid ass drug companies anyway!

  2. My husband takes a drug that only costs $10 IF we don't use our insurance. With insurance it costs $60, because they put money toward our deductible. Thankfully, the pharmacy tech was kind enough to clue us in on that one. I don't even pretend to understand how that makes any sense.

  3. I really don't know anything about injections, but if you just filled 3 syringes at the beginning would they stay sterile?


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