Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Reason Why Being a Woman Sucks and Unnecessary Medical Testing...

I frequently hear anecdotes about insurance companies denying patients treatment and/or payment based on their whim or bottom line or the weather report that day. Medical offices are no different. They have patients do unnecessary tests to make up for what the insurance companies don't pay for. We patients are stuck in the middle so we've got to know what we're doing.

I'll start my little story by saying, everything is fine, all my tests came out normal.

On Friday I had to have an endometrial biopsy with a sonohystogram (least enjoyable procedure I've had that I can remember). The doc was looking for fibroids. So I arrive at the doctor's office and have the test, it's horrible, blah blah blah. I check out at the front desk and as I'm walking down the hall to the elevator a staff member comes chasing me down the hallway. She asks if I left a sample for a pregnancy test. I make a face and say "what for?". She says they should have asked me to do it before the procedure and could I come back inside? I say no that I have an IUD and the doctor was just all up in my business I'm sure they would have figured it out while they were in there. I leave. I get down the street and my cell phone starts blasting away. I'm talking to Matt so I don't answer it. After the third interruption I'm annoyed and click over. The office wants me to come back for the pregnancy test. " Please! It's Office Procedure." I said "No. If you want one because you should have done it before an EMB then it's too late, you already screwed up. If you want one because it's office procedure, I'm clearly not pregnant, and your procedure is flawed and I'm not participating. Good Bye."

This is a huge practice and yes I'm sure they do need to have policies and procedures to keep things running smoothly. I just don't think that every test is necessary for every patient and chasing one down in the hallway to complete one that is no longer necessary just to cover your own ass in the must-follow-office-procedure game is insanity and speaks to the direction the whole field is heading.

/blog entry from atop soap box


  1. Every time I get a UTI, the doctor sends my sample to a lab to check to see if the medication she prescribed is effective. These tests (because for some reason there are many) cost me $125 and cost my insurance company another $375. This is a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY as far as I'm concerned, since the test takes 48 hours and they will hear from ME by then if the medication isn't working. Last time I protested but gave in; next time I'm refusing it.

  2. But Amanda, the American free-market model of health care delivery is envied the world over. Are you suggesting it is flawed? Say it isn't so!
    PS: if you don't believe it is the best, most cost-efficient, most innovative, most patriotic way to be treated (and all the rest of the world is wrong), just ask your nearest right-wing-nut-job to set you straight!

  3. oh, this happens so much. I'm glad your test results came back okay!

  4. What a PITA. I feel your pain - truly. I actually have to get an ultrasound this Friday to see if I can get an IUD (I have a anatomical defect). I've had, like, 47 ultrasounds in the past year for other stuff, but unfortunately they weren't looking for that so I have to get another one. I don't even know if I want the IUD that badly.


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