Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Sound Like a Woman...

Skyler has this pair of shoes that have little girl heals on them. She calls them that, "my heals", not her dress shoes, or dress-up shoes, or fancy shoes, "my heels".

So she's walking across a tiled floor the other day, hears her very grown-up click click click, and says "Mommy, I sound like a real woman!".

She's too much!


  1. SO CUTE! I remember feeling like that as a little girl. (I used to always ask for shoes "that make noise.") And, honestly, sometimes I still feel like that! I usually wear flip flops or other really casual shoes, so when I have heels on (that make noise!) I feel like more of a grown up!

  2. I fear my daughter will come to believe the shwwwssss of shuffling Birkenstocks is the sound of womanhood.


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