Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Literary Love...

I read four books while I was on vacation and I'm surprised to say that I enjoyed them all.

First was The Scent of Rain and Lightning.  I gave it four stars.  I enjoyed the story but felt like it could have been told better.  The meat of the story was told more as the build-up/back story.  Enjoyable still.  I'll look for another book by this author.

Next up was The Night Fairy.  I came by this title via some sort of list on the Huffington Post book page.  I can't remember what the list was but the book popped up on my library holds list so I read it.  It was such a sweet little story.  It's something I can see reading to a child if that child is calm enough to enjoy a story without lots of pictures to be read to them.  There are some beautiful illustrations, but certainly not as many as a child would expect.

Next was The Lion.  I've been on the wait-list for this one.  I'm a big fan of Nelson DeMille's early works but not a super huge fan of his newer stuff, I still run right out and read it when it comes out though  This particular character, John Corey, has shown up in a few of his other books and is a sarcastic smart ass, he makes for a fast-paced enjoyable read.  Definitely perfect for a summer vacation.

Last there was Water for Elephants.  I resisted reading this book for along time.  Even the cover turned me off.  Nothing about the circus, or elephants for that matter, interests me at all.   Everyone I spoke to loved it.  They all said that my dislike of circus related writing wouldn't matter and they were oh so right.  I give this book five stars and I didn't technically read it.  I wasn't sure I'd love it so I picked it up in audio form to listen to during my twelve hour solo drive to Massachusetts.  As it turned out, Matt ended up driving with me and when I mentioned with excitement that we could enjoy an audio book together he mentioned something about me riding on the roof or hell freezing over or something like that.  WELL.   He fell asleep and I figured I'd pass the time by putting in the first cd and I think Mr. Anti-Audio-Book was hooked before I was.  He was so enthralled that he got a little upset with me around 12am when I needed something a little peppier to keep me from falling asleep while driving the last hour through the rain.  Matt hasn't gotten to finish it yet but he's already interested in other books on tape.  Have I found key to getting him to enjoy my passion for books?

Ms. Sassy Pants read Beezus and Ramona.

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  1. Wish I had (or made) the time to read like you do. I need to, I envy your escape into books. Took Drew to see Beezus and Ramona - her first movie! Can't wait to read the book to her, too.


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