Thursday, August 26, 2010

Milk Shortage...

Tuesday afternoon, Zack and I went to run a few errands that included getting milk because we were almost out. Cut to dinner last night, Skyler sets the table and says "We're almost out of milk". I look in the refrigerator because I JUST bought milk the night before and it wasn't the same label as the one she took out. Hmmm. Where'd the new one go? Zack and I both looked funny at each other and asked "Did you bring it in?".  Guess where I found the gallon of milk?  Yup.  In the trunk of my car.  Yuck.  We each thought that the other had grabbed the last bag.

Fine, so I tell them to save what's left of the milk that's there for breakfast and to drink apple juice or water with dinner.  We're half-way through eating and Skyler suddenly needs to "look in the fridge for something".  So Matt and I are watching her wondering what she's up to.  We see her squat down and through the crack in the door Matt can see her drinking from the milk jug.  She was SNEAKING milk.  HA!  She cracks me up.  Any other time she could have all the milk she wanted and now because she'll definitely want it for cereal she feels that she needs to sneak it.  The best part was that she came back to the table with a milk mustache.

I can't complain about a kid who loves her milk

PS - I'm going to mention this way down here so as not to make a big deal which will surely jinx me.  Today (so far) is my third day without soda. 


  1. That kid cracks me up!

    And good job to you, btw!

  2. haha I sneak wine sometimes...

  3. LOL! Been there, done that!

  4. 3 WHOLE DAYS?!? You're my hero! I don't know how you do it....
    *Since I'm commenting on this 2 weeks later...Have you survived Coke-free?

  5. I bought Troy a gallon of milk, got home took it out of the car and dropped it. It busted wide open! Had Troy ride his bike up to Krogers to get a small milk (so he could carry back in is backpack). I wasn't going out again!

  6. I have no been completely coke-free. *hangs head in shame* But I am still fighting the good fight.

    In 20 days I have had 5 sodas. This is a HUGE improvement. I'm pleased with my progress and with my water intake!


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