Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Star Wars...

Matt has found that keeping the soccer team motivated through practice is easier if he promises them a few games of Star Wars at the end of practice.  Last night they were having so much fun that the parents decided to get involved.  We played parents against kids and had so much fun.  And AND I was victorious in the first game.  Me!  HAHA!

There are variations to the rules.  The way we play is for all the kids (blue balls) to line up at one end of a rectangle marked with cones.  The coaches (red balls) line up on the sides.  The kids have to dribble their ball through the rectangle and reach the other side without getting hit by one of the coaches balls and without their own ball being hit.  I'm pretty sure I was just flying under the radar, but I got across four times without being attacked.  We were laughing (and breathing) SO hard.

All of the parents and kids had a great time.  I'll have to bring sneakers next week.  I first tried barefoot but experienced foot assault by crab grass so had to run in flip flops.  As usual, I'm an accident waiting to happen.

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