Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Birth of an Athlete...

It's that time of year again (it feels like it's always that time of year).  Zack is playing on his first advanced soccer team.  The first game went a little like this (he's the goal keeper in yellow):


He was a beast and spent the whole game blocking and punting, blocking and punting.  We were so incredibly proud of him.  Not just because he played very well but because all of a sudden he has this enormous soccer drive/heart.  He can't wait to get to practice every day.  He never complains about drills or running or if practice runs an extra hour long (ahem Coach Matt I'm looking at you).  He is excited just to play which is new for him.  He used to be interested because he got to see his friends and to be a part of the team, but actually putting forth physical effort?  No.

It didn't matter one iota to me (or to him really) that they lost on Saturday.  I was insanely proud that he went out there and gave it his all, which I don't think he's actually done before.  I felt like I was watching an athlete being born.


  1. Way to go Zack, this gives the game a whole new perspective. We need to call him 'Zack Attack'.
    I'm happy for all of you. Love always, MOM


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