Monday, September 27, 2010

Creepy or Resourceful...

I did my good PTA member volunteer duty at Zack's school on Friday evening.  It was the annual bingo night.  This is a crowd favorite and for the first time in years we had a packed house.  There wasn't a seat available in the whole room.  I was put on popcorn bagging duty and oh my Jon Stewart was it hot in there. 

I was working with another Mom who just moved to the area.  We got to chatting, we had a lot in common,  and were enjoying each others' company and I was starting to think, "hey maybe we could be friends".  (quit laughing people who know I don't make friends easily).  Things got a little hectic while we were cleaning up and the next thing I knew she was gone.  I only got her first name.  I didn't get her kids names although I know their teachers. 

Do you think a note to the teacher saying "Hey can I have the contact info for one of your students?  I don't know WHICH student, but lets hope that only one of them has a Mom named Jane." she would think that was weird?  Yeah me too.

Maybe we'll both be haunting the halls at Fall Fest.


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