Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gone Crazy...

Do you ever get home in the afternoon, take one look at your child and think "oh, 8:00 cannot get here fast enough"? Skyler had that look about her yesterday afternoon. I was on the phone when I pulled in the driveway. I was talking to my mother. I said "hey kids, do you want to say 'hi' to Grammy?" Zack said yes and had a nice chat. Then he made the gross mistake of asking Skyler if she wanted to talk to Grammy. The little banshee starting screaming "No. NOoooo. I don't WANT to talk to Grammy!!" as though Grammy were going to poison her through the phone or some such nonsense. Zack and I looked at each other and I'm sure both decided that it was going to be a long night. As I was hanging up the phone she started screeching from the kitchen "MOMMY I'm SORRY I didn't mean to drop it." She was in a way oversensitive mood and I was sure it was spilled milk but nope, it was a bottle of nail polish. Long night indeed.

I got that cleaned up and went upstairs to call Matt and inform him that since I got three hours of sleep the night before and his daughter had gone crazy that I was going to bed and that he'd better be home quickly. He says "are you about to get your period?" I said "I'M not the one that's crazy here" and he made some complaint that she acts crazy and emotional when I do. Lovely. That's just what we need, two crazy women in the house.

Hopefully things will be better today!


  1. is it okay to laugh at Matts reply? Only because Ben would say the same thing. Why do mean think it's okay that?

  2. At least Matt has Zack if you both go crazy. I'm crazy and if one or both of my girls join me someday I'm happy that at least Chris has William.


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