Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We'll Get You Out...

Matt and I came upon something interesting while sitting in our local Starbucks this past Sunday morning. We fully admit that we have trouble minding our own business and usually spend more time eavesdropping on other conversations than having our own.

At the table next to us were three men. One of them was attempting to sell the other two on prepaid legal services. Now, many corporations offer this for their employees. The sell is usually encouraging people to prepare a legal Will, a Power of Attorney, maybe help with an adoption. Not here, oh no. THIS guy was selling prepaid attorney services for thugs. I don't want to judge, but the two guys he was speaking to looked like they might have been in the position to need a lawyer in the middle of the night and that's just the sell this guy was using "When you get arrested in the middle of the night, and you've got your lawyer on call, you're going to spend less time in jail. We'll get you out right away, sometimes all it takes is a phone call."

At first I was all hanging mouth open at the fact that there is a market for this, and then I was impressed at Mr. Legal Services that he's just getting in there before the other guy. I mean if two thugs are going to pay a lawyer, he might as well get them before they do the crime. Then he can be sure they'll call HIM when they get arrested.

How disturbing is it that this is a thing?


  1. I love to eavesdrop in public.

  2. I bet a thug in the middle of the night in jail would pay goooooood money to get out. I should look into this business.

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