Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Longer Looking Like Justin Bieber...

Last evening Zack asked me to check his hair because it's been itchy the past two days.  I thought he probably just needed to use dandruff shampoo because this kid has the thickest hair I've ever seen and he still occasionally gets cradle cap-ish-ness.  So I got him under a good bright light and raked through his hair and just as I was about to declare it dry scalp I saw something teeny move.  I would now call myself a de-lousing expert with PTSD from Skyler's Great Lice Infestation of Spring 2010 and I wasn't happy to see this little guy.  He was small enough that I doubt he had much time to lay eggs and I hadn't seen any while I was checking but Zack and I quickly agreed that a head shaving was the way to go.  He's got very Justin Bieber-esque hair so this was going to be traumatic.  He was more than happy to let it go when he was thinking about bugs but as soon as he looked in the mirror he was more than a little traumatized.  Going from a very very full head of hair to NONE was a shocker.  We added some now-kept-on-hand lice shampoo for good measure and called it done.

WELL, this morning the face in the mirror was another shock for the boy and he was in TEARS at having to go to school and let his friends see such a big change.  I tried to talk him down off the ledge by reminding him that his good friends wouldn't make fun of him for a  hair change.  No go.  I tried telling him that he's had this same haircut before.  He's painted his hair bright cherry red before.  He's had a mohawk before.  No go.  There were rivers of tears running down his face.  Now this child would have let this go on forever so I had to just slap a hat on his head, pull his sweatshirt hood up, and drag him across the lawn to the neighbor's house so I could get to work.

I emailed his teacher and haven't heard back.  I'm thinking they would have called me by now if he'd taken the jump off the ledge.  The thing is that he's got very nice friends and he's very well liked at school, a leader if you will.  I wasn't the least big concerned and he said that HE would never make fun of a friend about their hair, so really I don't think he has anything to worry about.  I'm hoping he comes home without the need for extensive therapy.

Being a Mom is hard sometimes, especially when they tell you that you've ruined their life.  Oh if he only knew, the middle and high school years are ahead of us, I have only just begun to ruin his life.

PS - yay for facebook.  I posted that he had lice and another soccer mom checked her kid, he's got it too.  We may have an epidemic on our hands. 


  1. Poor kid. At least YOU didn't behave as if lice were the most shameful, disgusting scourge that could ever befall a child. My Mom was so embarrassed when we got lice as kids that she would drive to another town to buy lice treatment. It was like a warm hug, I tell you.

  2. Meh. Lice like clean hair and he is in that stage where he takes a shower every single day.

    I definitely freaked when Sky had it last year. Mostly because picking her head for nits was torture for both of us.

  3. I remember when my sisters got it when they were young. I didn't & I swore it was because I put too much product rap in my hair & dried it on HOT every single day.
    It was torture for them & my parents, too! At least S didn't get it this time.

    Gotta go, my head is now itching like crazy!

  4. I'm shuddering.

    I know, I know.... my time will come.


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