Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'd Like to Use a Mobil Shout-Out...

One night last week we had a whole bunch of errands to run with the kids in tow and Zack was in desperate need of a study session of the capitals of the south-eastern states.  As the evening got later, Zack got more fidgety and whiny that he wasn't going to have time to study.  All of a sudden, Matt stops the car, flashes the inside lights and booms "Welcome to CASH CAB".  He then created an entire game show centered around trivia of the southern states.  We all had so much fun and learned a whole bunch.  The kids and I won $1800.  Sometimes you've got to get creative to get in all the things you have to do!!


  1. Matt's a good one!...but that Ben Bailey? YUMMMM!


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