Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thoughtful or Future Stalker...

I need to hear from my teacher friends today.  Skyler loves her new teacher.  Love loves loves her.  Not enough to not talk during class, but she loves her.  We've been a bit craft crazy at our house this month.  Everything that I make, Skyler makes one too and she brings it in to her teacher.  If I have candy canes, or special Holiday treats out she brings one to her teacher.  If we have flowers blooming on the trees, she brings one for her teacher.  She asked me to email her teacher while we were on vacation to tell her that she missed her.  It's all really sweet and well-intentioned but I have to wonder if teachers start to get overwhelmed with an over-enthusiastic student like Skyler.  Am I raising a future stalker here?


  1. AH! Just seeing this. Hmmmm. I love that she loves her teacher. And I know her teacher loves that Skyler loves her. You'll have to draw the boundries so that it's not overkill for the poor teacher, though. I'm sure you've already explained much of that and you know that but by drawing the boundries you'll show her what is acceptable behavior. Over kill can scare people away, that is something that has to be taught. *Speaking to you as if you are a dumbass*. Sorry! Love that she loves her teacher, though!

  2. My daughter is one of the overly friendly ones. She'll write notes to her teacher on her spelling homework. Yesterday it was Merry Christmas. She draws her pictures and stuff too. I would moderate it the best you can. :) I'm sure your daughter isn't the first, and won't be the last, who is this enthusiastic.

  3. That is so sweet! I bet she's loved by her teacher, too! But ya! Emailing on vacation is too much. ;)

  4. Oh, I want so badly to give opinions, but I am not a teacher! No, I am going to give an opinion ANYWAY! because that is FUN! My guess is that your slightly-anxious feelings will moderate Skyler's attentions perfectly and automatically.


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