Wednesday, December 01, 2010

TSA Makes My Day...

We traveled over Thanksgiving and I won't tell you that I wasn't worried about the whole TSA pat-down bs.  I personally do not care if an x-ray type pic of me is plastered in Times Square.  My main concerns were, dickheads who made a big deal about it, the kids, and me being exposed to high radiation.  I'm immuno-compromised so extra radiation is a no-no. 

On the trip up we had nothing to worry about.  Our local airport doesn't use the big new scanning machines and we flew so early in the morning that there were hardly any other people to make a big deal about anything.  There was the usual excitement of travel and getting to see family.

On the way back we had the post-holiday blahs and were starting out in Boston so I just expected there to be trouble.  As we were standing in line I still hadn't decided if I was going to refuse the body scan.  I couldn't decide if the extra radiation was enough of a problem to make a fuss.  There were extra TSA agents giving instructions and making travel seem a lot more serious than ever before.  The one shouting instructions kept saying "You may be asked to go through an additional body scan" and I couldn't actually see that anyone was going through it with their hands up.  We did the usual take everything out of your bag that is electronic and I had so much crap with me (laptop, itouch, phone, kindle, kids' ds) that some guy jumped in front of me thinking he was Mr. Fast and then got yelled at for not taking off his watch and belt.  I just gave him my patented look of disdain as I politely waited for HIM.  And then we were on the other side.  No scan, no body cavity invasion.  I'm not sure what their parameters for using the body scan were but we didn't fit them.  Perhaps harried mother of two traveling like a pack-mule isn't exactly what they are looking for.

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  1. I will have to keep that in mind and borrow your children if I have to fly anywhere. Wish I had been the one Mr. Fast jumped in front of, because you know I love a good laugh!


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