Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and dial again...

We recently switched internet/cable providers and in the package deal we could get a home phone, all of it for less than what the current provider was charging us. We've been a cell-phone-only household for years now but the kids are getting older and want to call their friends and have a number for their friends to call that does not ring to their mother's purse which she has to find and "oops the call went to voicemail". So we ordered the phone. The kids are happy. The kids' friends are happy. It's all a beautiful thing. Except, after months of having the damn phone I finally tried to use it and I literally couldn't figure it out. I started by dialing 9 like I do at work, that clearly wasn't going to get me anywhere and led to a moment of confusion. Then I tried to dial direct but the phone kept yelling at me to enter the area code. I tried that and just didn't get me through. I had to go in search of my cell phone and just dial like I usually do "speed dial 2".

I can usually adopt new technology but apparently I can't go backwards!

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