Thursday, March 24, 2011


Pinworms.  Are they some sort of sick cosmic joke that no one online (who isn't selling an herbal supplement) talks about?  I can't even really bring myself to discuss it with you all too much for fear that you'll never read my blog again.  Let's just say that if it were up to the parents of the male persuasion this little bit of parenting horror would never be diagnosed.  Why is it always the Moms who get asked "can you look at my butt?"

Save me.


  1. big hugs! I had them when I was a kid and remember them!

  2. I didn't even tell her what was going on. I said that she had germs in her butt that needed medicine.

  3. Are they visible when you check? And by the way, did you know what this was or have to take her in? Just curious being kinda new to this whole mom thing.

  4. I remember my brother having them but OMG. I would die.

  5. @Melissa - I happened to have heard about such a thing a looooong time ago and when I looked at that *ahem* area a split second after I thought "OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" I remembered and kept it in because I didn't want her to know. I called the doc and just said "my child has pinworms can you call something in" at 8 years old she would have died to have to have her doc do that detailed of a check and as far as I know pinworms do not enjoy daylight so you can't find them then anyway.

    How do parents who don't read random shit online and in magazines keep their kids alive?

  6. I may or may not have had them as a child, and didn't tell anyone out of sheer embarrassment. This is the first I've ever spoken of the horror that is pinworms. We need a support group.


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