Thursday, April 14, 2011

Open Letter to Spring...

Dear Spring,

I know I begged for you to arrive.  I couldn't wait for the warm temps and the pretty flowers.  I had happy thoughts of flowering trees, bunnies, chicks, and short-sleeve shirts not covered with wool sweaters.  I conveniently forgot about the never ending rain and the pollen and the humidity.

I will admit that I have been cursing you of late.  My car is a dusty shade of spring green, I can't open the windows at the house because it's both too polleny outside AND too humid, my kids haven't played a soccer game in weeks.  We'll be making games up well into 100* temps.

Where is the Spring of my dreams?  Is the warm dry weather, open windows, and kids frolicking outside until just before bedtime a figment of my imagination?  Must we pay before we play?

Is it really necessary that something like this picture should strike fear in my heart?

Please end your reign of terror now.  I promise to forget the misery by next year.

Love and Smooches,

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  1. Interesting, I don't know what else to call it!!


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