Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The end of summer has brought out my crafty side.  I read eleventy-three kajillion craft blogs (and by read I mean skim for goodness) and they've all got my creative juices flowing.  Usually I don't bother to take pictures of my crafts as the first run is usually a surprise to me if it comes out right and after that I'm bored by it.  I'm my own worst enemy I tell you. 

Last week I was reading Tatortots & Jello and one of their projects sparked my interest.

I'm not sure what inspired me.  The use of canvas?  I have a canvas at home that was nagging at my brain from a project gone wrong.  I was eager to use it for something else lest I feel bad for having to toss it.  The silhouette of the bird?  The fun of ripping up little bits of magazines of which I have many that have never even been read?  I'm not sure but I liked it.

Sunday morning while Matt and the kids were clearing up broken tree limbs from the back yard I supported them by sitting on the front step Mod Podging bits of ripped up magazine onto the previous project-gone-wrong canvas.  I mean I was THERE right?  Actually I started by telling Skyler she could help me with a project but she didn't have my vision and soon she was convinced I was downright nuts and wandered off.  Oh boy was she sorry later.  While the Mod Podge dried I contemplated a stencil.  I didn't have anything awesome on hand so I pouted a bit.  Then I got the idea that I wanted an "M" but the stencil I had was the wrong size so I traced and cut and let me show you what I came up with.  It's all sorts of awesome and oh yes Ms. Skyler came back when she saw me get the paint out.  But did I let her help?  No Ma'am.  You need to stick around for the long haul if you want to play with the good stuff.  Mean Mommy.

It's way better in person!


  1. It is awesome in person! Can't wait to see what the fall brings with all your craftiness. What will rub off on me this year?


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