Monday, August 01, 2011

Petty Problems...

I haven't bitched about nothing lately, you're due.

There's this clerk at my local Target (aka Mecca) who drives me bananas.  I try to avoid him but our schedules must be synced because he always seems to be there (YES I go to Target too much. They now sell groceries so BUH-BYE mean old Wally-World).  Do you want to know why he bugs me so much?  I'll tell you, oh yes I will.  EVERY time he starts to ring my order he says "Is this everything?".  Not at the end of ringing it up like "oh do you have any coupons?", NO, at the beginning.  I just want to say "No dumbass, I thought I'd load up the counter here and then go finish my shopping, can you wait?"  Last night, I finished unloading my cart and stood at the credit card thingamajiggy.  The entire belt was filled with my order, there were three order dividers if needed, and he says "All the way to the end?".  YES those are my f-ing items, ALL THE WAY TO THE END.  How about you keep beeping items until you see a divider or you see another person put items down.   I can't fathom how this is his job for at least a year if my memory serves, and he hasn't figured out how to determine where one order ends and another begins.

I'm clearly testy having been alone with my children for 10 days but really.  EVERY time I go there.

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