Monday, August 08, 2011

Shop 'Til My Husband Drops...

I went on a bit of a shopping bender last week. I just want to show you a couple examples of the awesome that I picked up. And by picked up you know I totally mean the internet because that is the Mecca of shopping (after Tarjay of course).

Have you heard of Snorgtees? Zack and I love this online t-shirt store, it's full of snark and sarcasm and awesome. Zack is known at school for sporting funny t-shirts and so I let him go through this online site and pick a few for back-to-school. This time he chose:

We think they're pretty hysterical.  His last choice had something to do with Bacon being awesome which is appropriate for him as he can not only put away an enormous amount of bacon but he also considers himself to be a meat-a-tarian.  I think we'll order a few more soon.


THEN on Thursday I texted Matt and said "Can I spend $200?".  I completely blame my bloggy friend Kelly because she posted on Facbook that Woot had a deal going for a Refurbished Dyson for $200.  I've been jealously eying these forever.  My Kirby weighs more than Skyler and how can I expect her to do all the vacuuming if she can't move the damn thing.  I sold it by saying that I'd sell the Kirby for $200 (easily) and we'll have super clean floors forever more (hahahahhahhahahaaa).  I can't wait to get it.  I'm SO excited SQUEEEEEEE!

^ my new bff ^

I'm sure there was more shopping done last week but this was the exciting stuff.  Do you love Snorgtees?  Do you have a Dyson?  Tell me about it!


  1. I'm already commenting on my own blog. I just found this:


  2. Yay!! I want to see photos of you and that handsome machine!

  3. I love my dyson! And I can't wait to go check out that site!

  4. Snorgtees looks right up my hubby's alley. Off to check it out, thanks!

  5. OMG that lemon t-shirt :D


    Dyson will change your life. And then you'll want a steam mop. I heart my steam mop so hard it hurts.

  6. ok, i got SO EXCITED about that hedgehog shirt (IT IS HILARIOUS AND I LOVE IT) that i went immediately to the snorgtees website and then had to find my way BACK to your blog to finish even reading the post. i'm pretty sure i need that tshirt :)


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