Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And We're Off...

Holiday shopping season has official started here in the land of Molnar. When I see the first gift that gives me inspiration I'm off and running. I'm definitely going to try to keep it all to a minimum this year but you've got to spoil the nieces and nephews and I started with these two books (I'm the aunt that insists on sending books for every occasion):


I've already got a crafty plan to go with these books.  I've got ideas for two of my three nieces.  I have NO ideas for my own kids.

Have you started your shopping?  Got any great ideas?  I picked up on great idea from Swistle, she recommended grabbing a $10 gift card to Target each time you go through there.  This way, by December, you should have enough stock piled to use as gifts for teachers, teacher's helpers, the bus driver, your mail person etc.  It's hard to buy them all at the same time, $10 a week seems much easier to swallow and if you don't end up needing them for gifts, you can supplement your own shopping needs.  You're Welcome ;-)


  1. Oh my - I've yet to begin procrastinating on Christmas shopping. How is it already mid-October? I'll go have an anxiety attack now. Thanks.

  2. Hush, it's only March in my head.

  3. hint hint hint....lego star wars sticker books are the new hit in this house ;) and the oldest is slowing moving to harry potter lego. which he has NO book for ;)

  4. I'm just about finished with my shopping for all the kids, mine and the nieces and nephews, 11 kids total. I'm stuck on a few things for my own kids, though. I'm also loading everyone up with books this year. :)


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