Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Petty Theft...

I have a confession to make.  Whenever we go to my Mother's house for vacations, when we are leaving I tend to accidentally pack something awesome in my suitcase that technically does not belong to me but once it gets unpacked totally does.  I'm a bit of a clepto, only with my Mother, and usually only with things she makes, not things she buys.  This visit, she was kind enough to give me the gorgeous teal throw blanket that she knit because I suggested that it was just the perfect color for me.  She bought me the same shirt that I borrowed and when I tried on the pants she had just bought herself, she gave me those too.  She refused me the lovely velvet gloves that I coveted.  The only one of those I would have stolen if denied, was the blanket (I'm so not kidding.  That thing would have been in my suitcase under my underwear so fast...I've done it before, I've got a quilt on every bed and couch to prove it). This year I made out like a bandit and this morning I had to call to confess to a crime I didn't even intend to make.  It was warm Thanksgiving week so I only wore my coat one time and apparently also wore the coveted velvet gloves and then left them in the pockets.  I hadn't worn that coat since and this morning I put it on, looked around for gloves, put my hands in my pockets and said "Yay gloves!  Oh SHIT!  Oh no no no no no.  She's never going to believe me."  Matt didn't believe me either.  He looked at me and said "Right.  You accidentally put them in your pockets."  Mom said the same thing when I called.  They're lovely gloves and she's coming to visit soon.  Perhaps she'll get them back.  Perhaps I'll find things missing from my house.  This might turn into a fun little game.  Too bad I can't steal furniture.  I'd totes steal her bed.

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  1. What is it that they say about Possession? :) When is Grammy coming?


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