Monday, November 14, 2011

Read This...

I've been reading like crazy over the past week and a half. I've finished four books. For the first time in a long time, I've loved a whole series of books right in a row. I miss the characters when I'm done reading and I wish there were more of them to read.
First up there was "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". This is the story of a nine year old boy and the search for something that belongs to his father after his father dies in one of The World Trade Center buildings.  The story deals strongly with the relationship the boy has with his grandmother and her long ago history.  I really and enjoyed it and I had no idea, until this morning, that this book was to be released as a movie this winter. I'm really excited to see the characters in movie form. I'm also glad I already read the book first.  There's so much unsaid, but written, between the characters that I'm afraid the movie will screw it up. 

Then I read "The Story of a Beautiful Girl". I adored this book. I miss the characters. I ached for their story. I wanted to know them.  To be vague and brief, it's the story of a young woman in an institution in the 1960s. 

Next I read, "The Unwanteds".  This is a YA book and was described as a cross between The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.  I felt like it was more of a cross between The Giver and Harry Potter.  I liked it much more than I liked either The Giver or The Hunger Games so I'm hoping that Lisa McMann continues on with this as a series.  It didn't consume with me with love the way that Harry Potter did, but I think most kids would enjoy this book.

Yesterday, I finished "Mudbound".  This was another book that touched me.  I loved all of the characters, even the ones with flaws.  I didn't want this book to be over.  Clearly, every book needs an end but I wanted more of all of these characters especially Jaime and Ronsel.  "Mudbound" is what one of the characters dubs the farm that her husband moves them all to after WWII. 

Since I was on a roll, I decided to restart a book that I've started twice but ran out of time because the library doesn't think that it should be at my beck and call.  Thinking of what it was going to cost me in late fees, I just decided to buy the book on Kindle.  SO, I started the first few words of "The Invisible Bridge", and then the cough syrup took over and I fell asleep.  This book gets such good reviews that I'm determined to get into it enough to not let other things distract me.  I've got a good hour and half at gymnastics tonight to get a tight hold on it.  Wish me luck!


  1. Ooh, thanks! Adding them to my list now.

  2. zut alors, i JUST filled up my kindle last night with Sri Lanka Trip books! but this post is getting bookmarked for the next time i need ideas...


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