Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Morning...

5:00-5:59am - listened to husband cough himself silly, wait for him to make the connection between coughing uncontrollably and the need for cough syrup.

6:00am - alarm clock goes off.  Get up.  Ask husband if he has taken his cough syrup recently.  Yes.  Ask for clarification.  1am.  Stumble around house trying to figure out where husband might have consumed cough syrup at 1am, find it in medicine cabinet (interesting).  Thrust bottle of cough syrup at husband.

6:10am - Tell children to start getting up.  Get in shower.

6:15am - Smallest child comes into bathroom I'm in (there are two other choices) and minutes later starts yelling "MOM, I need toilet paper".  I explain that I'm somewhat occupied and wet, could she perhaps look under the sink herself.  "Found it!".

6:20am - Finish shower to discover that smallest child left bathroom door open letting in cold air and left the new roll of toilet paper on the floor next to the shower.  Yell to child and explain that she is not being a responsible member of the family and look pointedly at the toilet paper "Oh".

6:25am - Shiver and note that husband has stopped coughing uncontrollably.  Hmph.

6:25-6:35am - make-up, hair, yelling at children to move it along

6:35-6:40am - get dressed by choosing clothing from various laundry baskets, note that I will be late.  Collect all the things.  Kiss the children.

6:45am - Leave house.

6:59am - arrive at work.  SIGH - the next 8 hours should be relaxing in comparison.


  1. I think you deserve a fat piece of whatever dessert you like the most as payment for dealing with all that nonsense this morning.


    i'm sorry work is the most relaxing part of your day!


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