Tuesday, January 10, 2012

40 Bags of Clutter UPDATE:

It was 7:55 last night and I was sitting on the living room floor, just home from gymnastics with the littlest, working up the energy for the evening's grand "It's Bedtime" Battle, when my mind wandered to this post that I had written earlier in the day.  I immediately thought "Fuuuuuuck!!! What the hell was I thinking?  It's the first day and I already hosed that one up."

I looked at the clock again, gave the kids a 10 minute warning, and wondered which of the tasks on my list of 40 I could do the quickest.  I decided on the junk drawer in the kitchen and then muttered that it would probably take an hour.  Grrrr.

Before (7:55pm):

The only thing I ever look for in there is the nail clippers.  They're rarely ever there and I always get my finger pricked because there are 3000 loose push-pins at the bottom of the drawer.

After (8:14pm)

Target bag full of trash and push-pins (who even uses push-pins?):

YAY 2012 ::cheer kick:: !!!!!!

edit:  I feel the need to come back and tell you that I didn't just dump the whole drawer into the trash bag.  I put away pictures, put lotion where lotion goes, picked push-pins out of my fingertips, found all the pens I can never find...  oh I totally threw away the cucumber seeds.   I didn't even have a garden last year. 


  1. HIGH FIVE! i'm impressed, and should reeeeallly do this in every drawer & closet of my house.


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