Monday, January 09, 2012

40 Bags of Clutter...

I'm hot on the trail of a plan that we all know I'm not going to follow-through on but what the hell, I have to keep myself busy and blog about something.

I have been searching Pinterest (which happens to have a shit-tastic search engine) for ideas for the Mud/Laundry room that Matt is building me.  Can I get a "SQUUEEEEEEEEEEE" for that?  Any who, in typical Amanda fashion, I was off on a tangent in no time and came across someone blogging about the challenge to de-clutter 40 bags of crap in 40 days. I like the idea mostly because I could make a pretty list.  I like lists.  I like to cross things off.  It soothes me.  Let me say that I'm doing this with the following caveats:  a) I'm not going to do a bag a day or probably finish in 40 days  2) I'm not going for the big trash bag, except for the case of my closet.  I am aiming towards the size of a target bag and b) I will probably jump around and clean out and check off as I feel inspired.

Here's my pretty list:

Care to join my no-pressure, probably won't follow through, 40 bags in 40ish days de-clutterization of your house?  If you blog about it, post your link below.  I want to see what you're de-cluttering.  I might have missed something.


  1. Pretty list... I'm especially intrigued by item 31's "that box."

    I should probably join you for this, but I've got to get some new habits entrenched here before adding another challenge. Good luck on this commendable endeavor! Looking forward to the updates.

  2. I'll take the clothes from your closet! :)

  3. I realy need to do this. And by realy, I mean really but I'm too lazy to go back and correct my typo. If, I mean WHEN, I get my list together I'll post it.

    Also, I need your help picking a few cute outfits for Claire's pictures at the end of the month. We'll chat Wed night.

  4. I need a pic of item 40, I think :D

  5. Yes, I agree with M, and yes I'll join you! But what if I make it 40 bags in 40 weeks? Too much chance of failure?

  6. I am hosting a 40 bags in 40 days {2012} link up party. Feel free to link up here:



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