Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Daddy, Doin' it Right in 2012...

I know that I bitch about Big Daddy (he's big and he's the Daddy) on here a lot but he says he's a new man in 2012 and so far he's rocking it!

Last week Matt took special care to get an auto-car starter installed in my little car.  I'm a total cold weather weenie and used to have a car starter in the van.  I can't describe to you how nice it is to push a button from the warmth inside your house and wait for the frozen windows to clear and know you'll be getting in to a vehicle whose seats are warm and toasty on your tushy.  This little luxury is entirely for me because I leave early in the morning and I'm the only one in the car.  Thanks honey!

THEN yesterday for no good reason at all, I stayed in bed.  I never got up.  Matt and the kids delivered all three of my meals to the bedroom.  I read books, caught up on shows, and actually watched a movie (which was interrupted three times for kid "emergencies") and enjoyed it.  I was even able to direct the hated bedtime routine from my throne while watching The Golden Globes.  I told Matt that this delightfully restful/wasteful day made up for one (and only one) of the many many days I have had the flu or some other deathly virus in the past and spent the day like any other, chasing after children and going to work like I usually do.

Thanks Big Daddy!  You're doing right!

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