Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brace for this...

It's official. The oldest child is starting his journey with braces. He got spacers this week, partial braces next week, an expander the week after that. I'm guessing that this will be fun for exactly no one. YAY!

I've stalled on the 40 bags of crap project but do still have the momentum. I just need to pick the next target. I did do a mini clean-out of my closet and made these piles for my cousin Jackie who mentioned in the comments that I could deliver my cast-offs to her before they went to the donation pile.

Sure, there were three garbage bags full, but no that didn't make a dent in the problem that is my closet. *sigh*

Which problem areas have you cleaned out lately?

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  1. ugh braces are NO fun! Noah got a consult for some metal wear as well :( You're much better then me, I haven't taken him in yet


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