Monday, January 23, 2012

Limitations of a Friendship...

I have a hypothetical for you and I need some feedback.

Let's say that two guys both do the same job but one of them is employed directly by the "company" and the other is a contractor. Please make the assumption that being employed directly by the company is more beneficial in several ways. Let's say that there is another position coming available in the company that is a higher rank and both guys are interested and qualified. Okay.

So guy who is employed by company tells guy who is contractor that he intends to apply for the job. Guy who is a contractor throws a tantrum saying that guy who works for company isn't a true friend if he goes for that job.

In the work world, would you ever not apply for something that is better for yourself and your family because another employee might apply for it? What are the expected/understood limits of work friendships?

I personally would never expect a work friend or outside of work friend to not try to better himself or his family in deference to me. I'd encourage him/her to apply and expect that we'd keep information to ourselves until another person has made a decision.

How would you feel?


  1. Does your work "friendships" feed your family? I always make it clear that "business is business, and friends are friends. Ne'er shall the two meet". But in this instance (knowing the facts as I do) if it was a TRUE friendship, the "contractor" would be understanding at the least and supportive of others. He fails to understand that employee's promotion will make a vacancy for him to get in on the ground-floor and work his way up like everyone else. If contractor is pissed, I would say that is a clear indication of his definition of "work friend", and employee has nothing to lose. GO FOR IT!!!!

  2. That's CRAZY!!!!!!!!! You are supposed to let another person get a leg up on you just so he can get in the company? No way!!! I just cannot wrap my mind around that. Cray.Zee.

  3. DUDE. no way. i was REALLY good friends with someone at my last job - like, talked on the phone every day, shared all our secrets, REAL LIFE FRIENDS, and if we both applied for the same job i would NEVER be upset that she was trying as well. maybe resentful if i felt she had a better shot ;-) but that would be a personal problem, not a problem i thought SHE needed to do something about!!


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