Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Knew This Was Going to Happen Didn't You...

Remember last week when I posted "Brace For This..." and was all "ha ha the oldest child needs braces, oh he's growing up ha ha haha"?  Well the universe heard me and the universe said "Oh you think you can handle that? Well, you do have that little second child that I always like to throw at you when you think you've got things figured out."

Knowing that Zack had to be in the orthodontist's office every Friday morning for the next few weeks and realizing that Skyler didn't have school last Friday and loving a good multi-tasking sesh I called the office to see if they could do a consult on her as well, as her dentist had requested one at her last appointment.  I'll tell you how I thought this was going to go.  I thought they'd say "Oh yes.  She's got crowding, look at that tiny mouth.  We'll keep an eye on things and since she's only 8, we'll see you in a year or so to take another look."  The way it went was, the orthodontist looked at her last year's x-rays and knew that Ms. Thang needed braces immediately, before we even left the waiting room.  She told me all kinds of mouthy things that I don't remember that boiled down to - "her face is going to be a hot mess if you don't get a handle on this now" and "we will take all of your money, tyvm".  I didn't even look at the numbers.  I just knew that, per the contract I apparently signed at her birth, hers were going to cost more, and take longer, and be a bigger deal.  I just signed our vacations away and commenced dishing with the Ortho about our mutual love of Dansko clogs and Pandora bracelets.  It's a good thing we'll have something to talk about since I'll be there for the next four Friday mornings and likely once a month thereafter.



  1. I have this to look forward to as well. My daughter's baby teeth are crowded and her mouth doesn't seem to be getting any bigger.

  2. ugh we are blessed as Mommies with the "molnar" teeth ;) Noah has to have a palatal expander placed in his mouth but I haven't done anything yet. This will be only phase 1 for him as he doesn't have 4 adult teeth on top to place brackets on. But I am told and have read that it should help lower the cost for future ortho work. The part that pisses me off is that "if" we lived in CA this would all be covered at my Mom's office. GRRRRRR

  3. how are they getting started on her if she's only 8?!?! i had hardly lost a single baby tooth by that age! (they actually had to PULL 7 of my baby teeth at 14 just so they could get the adult teeth in there and get started on braces.)

  4. Alice - I have no idea. You should have seen my face. Apparently, now they can do a lot more when the teeth are coming in so that you don't have to look all crazy with a mouthful of teeth going in weird directions and THEN get braces <---which is totally how my deal went. I had three teeth pulled the week before my freshman year of high school. YAY me!


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