Monday, February 06, 2012

Goings On...

Well. The past few days sure have been busy for The Molnars. I can't get to appointments fast enough on Fridays and then sit in multiple waiting rooms reading the news on my phone... It's a lot of rush rush rush, wait wait wait.

Something went down in politics and social media last week that was very important to all women and I think in the end it was a victory. The Susan G. Komen foundation made public the fact that they would no longer be donating money for breast cancer screenings to Planned Parenthood. The backlash was enormous. Women were furious. Planned Parenthood raised over 1 million dollars from people who supported them and did not support SGK's decision. Another blogger I read wrote a great post about it. Some of my favorite words:

This needs to be a women problem. Not a political problem.
So I donated to Planned Parenthood and did it in honor of Karen Handel who was the driving force behind the decision and who will get a card from PP thanking her for her donation. It's the least I could do. By Friday evening, SGK had reversed their decision amidst all the protests and backlash. It's something, but I think we've learned where SGK's motivation lies and I don't intend to work with or donate to that organization again.

On Friday, Zack got his mouth expander in. He's very slurpy. The orthodontist says that that will go away but right now we're all a little on edge with all the sluuuuuurping. There is also a lot of parent involvement with the food that gets stuck in the expander as Zack learns what and how to eat with that thing. I cannot wait (<--sarcasm) for Skyler to get one on the top and bottom next week.

The weather and our schedule are kicking my ass. My arthritis is in full flare and I'm pretty much constantly miserable. If you ask, and I say I'm fine, I'm lying. Hopefully my Rheumatologist can put me out of my misery on Friday.

The Patriots lost. :( I'm happy for my friends who are Giants fans. It was a good game.

The End.

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  1. oh man i wish i had thought to put my donation in Karen's name!! although even better, did you hear she resigned? :)


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