Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Show Me Your Venn...

I still get hundreds of hits per day from all over the world looking for a picture of a blank Venn diagram.  They hit my still most popular post to date "Next Week Calculus".   I so enjoy it and got to wondering what all those Venn diagrams that people are making look like.  So I'm asking, if you hit here and you make a Venn Diagram, email it to me at amanda at 4 molnars dot com and I'll post some of my favorites.

Here's the blank again:

Here are some that were ganked from the internet (actually they are mostly from GraphJam) that make me laugh:

For my nerdy friends:

1 comment:

  1. One I saw on FB the other day...

    In Circle one: People that Piss Me Off
    In Circle two: People that I Piss Off
    In the connecting circles: friends


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