Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Southern Hospitality at its Finest...

Words I said to Matt yesterday: "I have a blog and I'm not afraid to use it!!!!!"

Imagine ^ those words said all ragey and indignant about being wronged.

Long before we were married, Matt and I made the agreement that he would handle all things car related and I would handle all things laundry related.  We have both mostly failed at this agreement.  He leaves car things until they are a desperate situation and the entire family picks clothes out of laundry baskets every morning.  We fail.

My car is a bit past its inspection date.  This is an ongoing problem for me.  I have been driving for about twenty years so...(uses fingers to calculate)...yeah I've had this problem for about twenty years.  I purchased this car in the month of October if that tells you anything.  I am driving a distance this weekend and Matt implored me to just drop the vehicle off at the car dealership next to my office.  They could do the inspection and I could pick the vehicle up after work.  I wouldn't have to wait, which I hate and it would have a shiny new inspection sticker so I wouldn't get a nother ticket.  I bitched and moaned and complained.

The thing is, I HATE dealing with car shit.  I feel that every car related person is out to get me.  They see a vagina walk in and they are ready to fleece me for everything I own and how would I know anything differently?  Also, I kid you not, I have had to have my husband call car people on numerous occasions and they totally change their tune with me standing right there.  R.A.G.E. 

SO.  I drive into the car dealership service area and go inside and begin "the process". *EYE ROLL*  The woman filling out the paperwork says "Oh you have a Volkswagon?  Why don't you take it to the Volkswagon dealership?".  See?  We're starting already.  I ask "It's just a state inspection sticker and you're closer to my office, does it matter?"  She admits that no it doesn't matter.  MmmmHmmmm.   So we go back inside and she passes me off to another gentleman, my new bff (insert sarcasm here) Lamar.  He immediately asks why I don't take it to the Volksgwagon dealership.  WTF?  Then he asks me where I bought the car.  WHY DOES THIS MATTER?  I'm super suspicious and ask if it matters where I purchased the vehicle if they are just doing a state inspection.  Nope, doesn't matter.  I say, "I leave work at 4:00, that's four hours, is that enough time to take care of this?"  Oh yes of course.  I'm thinking "ya think?".  Then I request that they call me with any issues right away because I  "must leave at 4:00 I have to pick up my children."  I am assured that this isn't a problem.

I return at 4:00 and Lamar immediately tells me that my car failed inspection.  I try to joke around telling him that that couldn't be because my car is fabulous and no one called me to tell me anything different.  He isn't impressed and tells me that I need two tires that will cost over $400.  I tell him that that is a ridiculous price and what are my options.  He tells me that the prices here aren't the cheapest so he can fail the car and give me 15 days to correct it.  Fine, do that. I'll get the tires elsewhere.  I know we didn't pay that much the last time I needed tires.   He says that he'll try to get someone to do the paperwork soon.  I ask that they please hurry as I have children waiting to be picked up.  He says "sorry" meaning he's sorry I have kids.

I'm furious.  I have to CALL MY HUSBAND and relay all of my fury to him.  I hate that I know that he will call the service manager and he will make it all better.  I hate that he needs to.  I hate that it takes another half-hour and then I have to pitch a hissy fit at the cashier counter for them to get my keys NOW.  I hate that after getting my keys the manager races after me to the parking lot yelling "Mrs. Molnar wait, I just talked to your husband on the phone.  We're going to handle this.  Let me look at some other pricing and we'll call you."  I hate this.  I tell him that I am not angry that my car failed, that I understand that that is not their fault.  I am angry that they didn't call me during the four hours they had my vehicle.  That they had my vehicle for four hours and still couldn't get it to me quickly, that I had to wait another half-hour for a sticker.  He apologizes profusely and I drive off.  I hate this.

Of course the manager's manager calls Matt back and apologizes up one side of him and down the other.  They are so sorry for how I was treated.  They want to make it up to us.  This isn't the way they typically handle service.  The reality is, this is the way that car service is for women.  This is the way I am typically treated when I attempt to get something serviced with my car.  They did call my husband back and did not attempt to solve the issue until he called.

I know I'm all loosey goosey with the blog privacy and I'm going to go full tilt here and name names.  I hear friends complain of the same thing.  Women whose husbands are deployed are always left in this same predicament.  I think social media has power and it should be used for good.  The dealership/service center I will not ever use again is Southern Auto Group, Jeep.  #drivingsouthern and here's their FB page.
ps - while I was bitching here - their automated system called and asked if I was happy with my service yesterday.  HA.  I said no and now they have said they will have a manager call me.  Whatevs.  Call Matt, he's the only one you're going to respond to.


  1. omg this makes me CRAAAZZZZYYYY. i once vowed to never own a car until i'd taken some mechanic classes, specifically to know my shit in situations like this... but obviously THAT never quite happened.

    (i still totally would like to take a class, though.)

  2. ugh I feel your pain. After we moved here somehow this became my job as well. I guess all those years of watching Ben build engines and fix our cars actually paid off. Seeing the look on the mechanic's face when he understand I know my shit is priceless. But Ben still has to call as well and it pisses me off!!!! Why not just do it yourself if you know you're going to have to call anyways?!?


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