Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gone Missing...

Long story short, April and I have not been getting along.

I woke up one Friday morning feeling fine, by 2:00pm I was coughing uncontrollably, by 7:00pm I spiked a fever. I spent the weekend in bed. I attempted to work on Tuesday. By Wednesday I couldn't take a full breath. I dragged myself to Urgent Care where I was given the lovely diagnosis of pneumonia. I left there with 92 prescriptions and the order to return to bed and not get up until I could breath again. I gave that a go the following Monday when I defied the orders of a friend who gets frequent pneumonia and I attempted to return to work. I can't even really remember that day it was so bad. I woke up the next morning, Tuesday, with a pain in my stomach that resulted in five straight hours of power vomiting. I called Matt and begged him to come save me. My hero was on the way. At this point I got so sick I wanted to die. I was counting the seconds until my savior arrived and was lying on the bathroom floor. I couldn't get back in touch with Matt (who was on the phone with my doctor) and so I called our friend Mike, mid-vomit, begging him to find Matt and for someone to come and put me out of my misery.

** I interrupt to ask, is this TMI? Nah. You're good right? **

Matt came and found me and drove me back to Urgent Care the whole while I cried that I was dying and begged for something to drink. Neither Matt nor the nurses would give me anything, knowing it would come right back up, and I was sure it was all their fault that I was going to die of thirst. The verdict was "second virus". The solution, knock me out until the virus had time to "work its way through". I got a huge shot of Phenergan in the ass and some Zofran to take home with us.

It was seriously this big.

 Matt got me into bed before I passed out and I didn't crack an eyeball until 2:00pm the next day. Well that worked. Apparently while I was sleeping, Zack got the second virus and our hero had to deal with that too. He's never had to do the kid-middle-of-the-night vomiting scenario before. I'm sort of extremely glad I was unconscious. (Ashley - he said it was your worst nightmare)

SO - our house has been covered by plague and locusts. We're finally recovering and getting back out into the world.

Hopefully I'll be back with something better than pneumonia and stomach virus soon.  Goooo BLOG!


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  1. OMG!!!!! i'm very happy (for your sake) that April is nearly over - you need a new month like nobody's business. HOLY COW. i hope the plague & locusts depart your house / neighborhood / universe SOON!


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