Tuesday, April 03, 2012



So after I ranted and railed against the car dealership that WRONGED me, Matt put on his Mayor of the Universe hat and called all his contacts and found my tires for less than half of what the stupid dealership quoted me.  He obtained a commitment from the dealership service manager to mount and balance my new tires, purchased elsewhere, and complete the state sticker process for FREE.  Matt is the master of free (usually because his wife has been wronged!!!).  He then went in and met my bff Lamar who assured Matt that this is not how they usually operate and that he promises it will never happen again.

We don't know if it will happen again because I assure you LAMAR, I will not be stopping in again anytime soon regardless of your proximity to my office.  They probably have my picture posted behind their counter as the crazy lady who "HAS TO PICK UP HER CHILDREN!!".

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  1. argh that would make me CRAZY!!! i mean.. good that he got all the good prices and stuff, but CRAAAAZYYYYYY-making.


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