Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As Well as Expected...

Well that went about as well as I expected and by "well" I mean the shit totally hit the fan.  And when I say the shit hit the fan, I mean that all my friends and close family still love me, my children are still awesome, my husband is still amusing, but that a few particular people had a major major problem with my beliefs, or lack of beliefs really.

At first I was furious and then I was determined to ignore and now I'm mostly amused.  I am exactly the same person I was two weeks ago, 3 months ago, 5 years ago.  It's just that now my "secret" is out.  The funny thing is that had anyone asked me what my beliefs were at any time in the past I would have happily told them.  But they didn't, there were just assumptions based on I'm not sure what.  No big deal.  Actions are the most important thing aren't they?  I stand by all of my actions.  I want the best for everyone I know.  If there are people out there who don't approve, well, that's their problem isn't it?  Just as my approval of their actions is my problem.

Let's move on shall we?  We're well into May and I haven't yet found my bloggy mojo.  I'm thinking it may be broken for 2012.  Or maybe I just spend entirely too much time on the side of a soccer field or inside my car driving to the soccer field?  THAT is entirely possible.  It makes for good knitting time though - I'm teaching myself to knit.

The kids had a soccer tournament this weekend and rocked it.  This is always a challenging tournament as historically it is either hot-as-balls or hot-as-balls AND raining.  I played soccer hookey on Saturday and spent some time with some wonderful friends in North Carolina so I didn't get to see the four games the kids played that day.  Matt preempted my return home by telling me he was sorry that he forgot to sunblock the kiddos.  The three of them looked like cooked lobsters when I got home.  Apparently it doesn't matter that you put sunblock in both kids soccer bags and in the cooler, if you don't apply it yourself you will have a crispy family when you get home.  This was the hot-as-balls day.  Sunday they were all happy to have sunburned faces to keep them warm because it was cold and rainy and we were at the soccer complex for 9, NINE, hours.  It rained sideways for much of the day.  Skyler's championship game was last and it was raining so hard and was so muddy that I didn't even take out my camera.  Zack's team came in third place in their division which was about right for them.  Skyler's team came in second place and there were lots of tears.  That last game was the only game they lost all season and happened to be the last game they would play together as a team.  I felt both sad for them and slightly amused that they had had so much victory that one loss would disappoint them so.  The fun fact of that tournament was that Sky's team and the winning team were the only two teams that had girls on them.  GOoooo girls!

We're spending the next two weeks recovering and practicing for....sand soccer.  I hope I'm wrong, but I'm really not looking forward to this tournament.  I think we've gone off the deep end of soccer.



  1. There's always at least one pinehole. We love you and need to plan something since you are on a brief soccer sabbatical.

  2. Come to me my friend. I have open arms always.


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