Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Have you seen the show Chopped? The kids and I are kind of obsessed with it. It's hosted by Ted Allen of Queer Eye and is totally enjoyable. The show brings in four chefs from various backgrounds and pits them against each other in lightning rounds of preparing dishes with really weird ingredients like cow tongue, emu egg or pork rinds. There's always a cantankerous old guy who has been "in the business" for several decades who spouts off about who he knows and where he's worked. There's usually a new person who either just went through school or can't find a job or works in a lowly diner. Then there's usually a chef who has one specific specialty such as pastry or that one guy who was into chemical cooking. They ALL sweat like fiends and can chop like maniacs. My favorite episodes are when the experienced chefs lose and are super cranky about it. Hehehe. The kids and I always pick our favorite chef and argue over who should get chopped.  It's almost as much fun as we had watching Face Off in 2011.  I guess I do love me some reality tv.

Thanks for all the fantastic comments (here and on Facebook) regarding yesterday's post.  Gosh darn I love my readers. You guys mean the world to me!

 Lurve you,


  1. I attend the Church of Chopped myself ;)

  2. I love the show too. I DVR it every week. Also love CHopped All-Stars. So yeah, I've seen every episode.

  3. Sounds like an awesome show! I will be checking it out for sure!


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