Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dress Up...

If I don't start talking STAT it's going to be awkward next week when I blast you with pictures of Skyler as a flower girl/junior bridesmaid.  I can't wait.  My sweet girl is so excited to reprise the role she previously played for her Aunt Jessie in 2007.  Remember:

This weekend Sky has the honor of being in the wedding of one of her favorite people in the world, her second grade teacher Melissa.  The dress is fit, the shoes are bought, we're choosing hair styles, and getting nails done.  It's such a fun Mommy/Daugther time and the best part is that I'm not in the wedding in any way so I have no stress, I can totally concentrate on watching Skyler have a wonderful time.

This whole process wouldn't be complete without Skyler's expert opinion on weddings in general.  She's decided that for HER wedding she will wear a short dress something like this but with some colored layers underneath:

Then she has big plans for everyone to wear her favorite shoe, converse all-stars, except that last I heard they had to be all different colors and neon.

And finally, she intends to make her own duct tape wedding flowers:

You're going to want to stick around for awhile to see how that turns out.  In the meantime, I'm just looking forward to seeing my beach girl all dressed up.

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  1. I'd like to go ahead and save the date for Skyler's wedding. :D


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