Monday, August 20, 2012

10 Reasons...

10 reasons why this Monday after vacation sucked donkey balls...
  1. I slept all wonky in the car yesterday and then decided to start a new book in the evening and oh look it's 2:00am.
  2. Boy child woke up with a sore throat at 2:30am
  3. Overslept because alarm did not go off although I checked it multiple times before bed.
  4. No gas in my car because we were on vacation and well...checking that wasn't a priority.
  5. Hit curb due to poor driving skillz and low tire pressure gauge came on immediately.
  6. Tire looks bad but didn't appear to be losing air so it might be another tire?  I only gave it 5 minutes of standing in the rain getting soaking wet to figure it out and... you currently know more than my husband who is going to kill me.
  7. Had to pump gas while already late and worrying about tire.
  8. 50 minutes late after vacation - always impresses the boss.
  9. When attempting to hook-up IV of coffee, went to shake personal container of creamer and sprayed the entire work kitchen with cream.  Someone has been helping themselves to my creamer while I was gone and lost the cap?  I was...resigned to a day of failure at this point.
  10. Headache/Earache thing going on. 

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