Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Little Regrets...

I had some intense feels-real dreams last night starring a lot of old friends from high school and I woke up thinking about my last post, 2012 End of Year Questionnaire and got a little gaspy over question 4 "Did anyone close to you die?" and the fact that I answered "No".  And then I had a whole conversation with myself that the person wasn't close to me in recent years but that his death did hit me pretty hard and that it was totally douchey that I didn't even think of it when the question came up.  I'm going to go ahead and give myself a pass.  Things hit us when they hit us.

This past year, in January, my friend Kris was killed. Kris was the person I knew the longest in my hometown; the person who I was still friends with as I graduated high school although we had met in fourth grade.  Sure, I knew other kids, but I didn't still hang out with them after all those years; friendships evolve.  We didn't stay in contact after college, jobs, marriage,  kids, except for that thing we all love to waste time on and complain about, facebook.  Yes facebook is generally the cause of any rant I may have on any given day, but you can't deny that it's the best tool available for keeping in touch with distant friends when you all move to far corners of the world.  It was also the way in which all of us, Kris' huge legion of devoted fans, were able to contact each other and share the details of his death.  I think we all needed to reunite in that way.

Kris was a wonderful wonderful person and I'm still deeply sorry that he isn't alive on this earth somewhere bringing happiness to those around him.  I'm also deeply sorry that he didn't pop to mind when I filled out my stupid end of year questionnaire, but today he got more than a passing thought.  He got a trip down my memory lane and I'm glad for that.

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