Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Smell of Victory...

Both kids had soccer games last night (and won) so we were at our home away from home, the inside soccer fields,  for a couple of hours.

Skyler played as fiercely as she usually does, coming off the field sweaty and slimy and all banged up from the boys that she plays with.  She and two of her female teammates from her regular team, are playing an age group up for a coed team that needed players.  At first we were nervous that they'd be outsized and outplayed with boys a full year older than they are, but these girls are kicking ass and taking names and I love every minute of watching it.

Zack's team has been having a bit of a rough season.  He usually plays goalie, that's his comfort zone because homeboy does not enjoy running, but his coach decided to get him some field time last night and he rose to the occasion.  This age group plays pretty rough, slamming each other against the walls when necessary and fighting like mad for the ball.  At one point I noticed that the opposing player in Zack's position was a girl (which I think is fantastic, the longer girls play with boys the better for them); my first thought was a conflicted "I hope he doesn't hurt her/I hope he doesn't hold back because she's a girl".  Then I saw him eat turf.  Their feet got caught up and he went down getting a nice road rash along his forearm.  I continued watching with my breath held a bit, she's tough, she's going to try it again.  My boychild is, let's say stout, running into him is a bit like hitting a brick wall, you're going to bounce, and bounce she did.  I wouldn't have felt bad for a boy, so I tried not to feel bad for her and she got up and kept at it.  I was proud of him for not giving it to her easy because she's a girl, and I was proud of her for keeping up with the boys and not being intimidated by their size.  After the game, I talked to Zack about his altercations with her and asked "Did you take it easy on her because she's a girl?" and he answered quite disgusted with me "NO! ...but...she smelled nice.  Like fruit."

The lesson I suppose is that girls are just as tough as opponents but the experience of doing battle is a made a whole lot nicer by their lack of stank de teen boy.  I suppose I'd rather slam into a nice fruit scent than the scent of goalie gloves.  Have you ever smelled goalie gloves?  You could wage war with that smell.

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  1. Oh, the memories...of smelly girls and stinky gloves. Sweet memories...


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