Thursday, January 16, 2014

Procrastination Gets Me Nowhere Per Usual...

Every year about this time I need an eye exam.  For the past...five years or so I've gone to the same optometrist and every year as soon as I get the office person on the phone I curse myself for not finding a different office before I run out of contact lenses.  The woman who runs this place is an idiot but they just haven't picked up on it yet oooorrrr she's got naughty pics of the optometrist from their last convention.

I called this morning and as soon as she said her name, which is unusual, I smacked my hand to my forehead and cursed myself for doing this again.  I asked for an appointment and she replied that she had to open her appointment program and that it might take a few minutes.  I can't think of many reasons that she gets phone calls other than someone needing an appointment.  It seems to me that that'd be the first thing she'd do when she got there in the morning.  I can't wait for her to write my prescription down wrong, order my glasses incorrectly, forget to tell me that they're in, and not be able to find me in her appointment program, all of which she's done in the past.  I think part of me keeps going because I feel sorry for the optometrist, he's very nice and competent.  Wish me luck this afternoon, is it foreshadowing that they could fit me in today? Yup I think it is.

As requested, pics of my quickly growing family:

Skyler still wants to be small enough to be carried but she won't quit growing.  Her legs are nine miles long.

Once in awhile I take a decent selfie.  My meds are making me chubby, I'm trying to own it.

This is Zack in his natural habitat.  We were at a soccer tournament and he only agreed to come along if he could bring his laptop.  He also doesn't pose for pics so that was the best I could do.

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