Thursday, January 22, 2015

Subscription Boxes and Me...

At some point in 2014, I discovered the concept of monthly product boxes.  I signed up for several and then stuck with my favorites.

Companies like Glossybox and BirchBox and LootCrate and NerdBlock offer a subscription where you pay a monthly fee and you receive a box of goodies each month.

My absolute favorite favorite favorite is Glossybox
I pay $21 each month and I get five awesome luxury skin/hair/makeup products.  In every case, the value of the items has been far greater than the $21 I paid.  I have never been disappointed.  In May of last year I believe the box was worth over $200.  I have received so many delicious products that I otherwise would never have found.  You can gift a box subscription to someone else or keep all the awesome for yourself.

I also tried the BirchBox beauty box and while I really like the company and they offered some great products, I just felt that Glossybox was better.  BirchBox is a bit less expensive at I think $15/month, but the products are slightly less luxurious.   I discontinued my subscription.

After discovering beauty boxes, I discovered nerd boxes.  I ordered both the Loot Crate and the Nerd Block for Zack for Christmas.  We liked both boxes but we decided to keep the Loot Crate subscription.  Nerd Block is more expensive at I think $29 plus shipping (comes with a t-shirt every month though) and comes from Canada so the shipping takes forever.  Loot Crate is under $20 per month including shipping.  Zack loves getting nerdy goodies each month.  October was particularly fun because we were right in the middle of a Firefly obsession.  What I've done since discovering these is have his grandparents gift him a subscription for Christmas each year.  He gets a little reminder of their love every month.

Continuing on the idea of grandparent gifting, Skyler was gifted a subscription to iBbeautiful for teens.  I did quite a bit of research and really liked this girl power company.  This is what their boxes look like.  She's very excited to get something new in the mail each month.

I was going to say that Matt was left out of the monthly gift box sitch but remembered that I enrolled him in the Dollar Shave Club.
Matt was complaining that replacement blades are so flipping expensive.  FB recommended this to me based on a few friends liking it and so after several weeks of adding the subscription to the cart and then not checking out, they offered to give me the first month free.  We got the box quickly and were very impressed.  We chose the $6/month option and received one handle and 4 new blades.  I can assure you we never change blades that often.  Next month I'm going to order a second handle and then the whole house will be good to go with this subscription.  

After all of these excellent experiences, I'm eyeballing The Book Riot Quarterly subscription for book lovers.  The only thing keeping me from hitting subscribe is that it's $50.  Which is technically less than the other ones I pay for but...I don't know.  I'm nervous.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it though.  You can't talk me out of book goodies.  I lurve me some books.

Do you subscribe to any goody boxes?  Which are your favorites?  Have I convinced you to try one?  If you go down the rabbit hole, you can find a box for any interest.  Just ask, I love shopping with other people's money.  I'll find it for you ;)


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