Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Makes Up for a TINY Fraction of my JS Sadness...

Last year John Oliver, a contributor to The Daily Show, announced that he was leaving to start his own show on HBO called Last Week Tonight.  I immediately thought "you're nuts...good luck buddy" and I was wrong (see Matt I can admit when I'm wrong).  It turns out John Oliver on his own show is funny as shit.

Now I didn't start "borrowing" HBO until recently so I was watching John clips via HBO's YouTube channel and it was an awesome awesome thing.  You know what happens when you have no sponsors or advertisers to worry about?  You say whatever the fuck you want!!! (see what I did there?)

I became like any dad in the 80s with a camera and a slideshow projector; any time someone was captive in my living room I turned on Roku and told them they just HAD to watch this.  One of the best rants John went on aired right before the start of the World Cup, which was, you know, the most important thing in the world to my family last spring.

This past Sunday, Last Week Tonight came back for season two.  John tackled the controversial subject of Big Pharma marketing directly to the doctors that write your scripts.

The quote that almost made soup come out of my nose was:

If you get HBO or are borrowing it from a friend, definitely watch the full show there but if you aren't a slave to cable tv like I am, YouTube will do just fine.  Find the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel here.

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