Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blog Roll

I'm working on my blog roll. There's some great stuff here. Come back soon...

You know...Google killed blogging when it killed Google Reader.  I don't read my favorite blogs nearly as much as I used to.


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About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm Amanda, Mom, wife, worker bee, avid reader, knitter. I spend most of my time organizing the three crazy people in my life. Matt is my husband and is a full-time government worker, part-time soccer coach, want-to-be comedienne. Zachary is my oldest, he's lovey, and grumpy, and smart, and addicted to electronics. Skyler is my baby, she's as crazy as her father, a joy, funny as all get out, prone to histrionics, as smart as her brother, and currently obsessed with all things soccer.

This blog is the sometimes funny, sometimes not, chronicle of our lives and my view on the world.

I hope you keep coming back!


Just a little hello to friends and family. I'll update soon. I took some fantastic pictures this weekend! I don't have them up yet, but here's my favorite from this summer!

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