Friday, April 06, 2007

We have a READER!

We are SO proud! Last night Zack read "Go Dog, Go!" to us. ALL BY HIMSELF. I've been hoping and hoping that the kids love to read. He was beaming that we were so proud! He even got words like light and night no problem. There are adults I know here in Virginia who can't figure out those pesky gh combinations!

May 8th - edited to add - Zack has started the A/R (accelerated reader) program at school. There is an enormous list of books that he can take out from the library and then take a quiz on once he's read. The quizes are cumulative for the year. Once he gets so many points he gets an award. Most kids don't usually start this until First Grade. He's quite proud of himself. I think Brooke started A/R in Kindergarten too. We're growing readers down here in Virginia, trying to counteract the accent and typical redneck education.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Just so no one thinks Zack is being left out... Here are a couple recent pics of him. He has no patience for the camera so he's tough to catch.

He's doing great in school. His behavior has been fantastic as far as class is concerned. He's learning very well but has no desire to provide me with any details. His class is currently getting ready to perform a couple of songs on-stage for the new kids at Kindergarten registration later this month. He's got one loose tooth that is quite comfortable where it is. He's turning 6, can you believe it 6, this month and has the whole thing all planned out. We let him choose between a night at Great Wolf Lodge or a party with his friends. He chose Great Wolf Lodge. He's also begging for a Nintendo DS Lite, as if he didn't have enough electronics. Watch out Bill Gates!

This is what happens when I ask Sky if I can take her picture...

March - Soccer Begins

How come I can't remember a single thing we did in March that wasn't soccer related? Crazy. (edited to add - Matt and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary - I love you sweetie!)

Zack jumped right in and is really learning so much. It's amazing the difference between March and last September. The kids are actually passing and learning that soccer is a team sport. Skyler had a bit of a rough start. She was shy at practice and the first game was painful for Matt and for me. She didn't want to play. We were convinced that we had a Daisy Picker on our hands. I was sick for her second game, Matt took her and pep talked her the whole way. She scored three goals and was SO proud of herself. She's now officially one of the most aggressive kids on her team, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Here are some pics:

Zack far right:

Zack taking it down the field:

Coaches' meeting:

The kids love making orange faces at half-time:

Video clip of Sky's first game - so that you can feel our pain:

Pics of her second game:

Scoring her fourth goal of the season:

You get the idea...
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