Friday, May 25, 2007

Pic of Zacky

I took the kids to Sandbridge Beach yesterday. I figured we'd best get over there before the tourists descended upon us. Zack can't pause for three seconds for a picture so this is an action shot. The kids didn't care how cold the water was or that the wind was blowing.

Trip to California!

I just got back from a whirlwind weekend with The Molnars in California. I had so much fun!

I took an evening flight after work on Friday and got into LAX at 11:00pm PST. I was SO tired. Lu swung by, picked me up, then we swung over to the Southwest terminal and picked up Shelle. Lu entertained us all the way home with tales of her recent trip to Italy.

I love this picture of Barona (I think).

Saturday morning we were up early running around and then got together at Tri-City Park for a BBQ for Heidi's (Matt's Cousin) graduation from college:

Tri-City Park

Great-Grandma, Lauri, Lu, Lashelle, Jessi

We spent the rest of the day running around. Jeff (Jessi's fiance) carted 5 women around the mall and to dinner. We got the flower girls dresses, ring bearers tuxes, bridesmaid dresses, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Noah

We were exhausted by the time dinner rolled around and ready for a drink.

Sunday morning we got our toes and nails done.

Then we headed out to the Clarry's house for Jessi's Bridal Shower:

She decorated her home SO beautifully. She had bride and groom figurines everywhere.

We took lots of pictures:

Lu, Jessi, Shelle, Amanda

Jessi with her MIL to be, Tona, and her Mom, Lu

Amanda, Jenny, Lashelle

Aunt Jean, Dory, Lu, Nancy, Sondra, Lauri

Jessi opening presents - all the guests made up recipe cards

I flew home late Sunday night, I mean Monday morning (12am). I had SUCH a great time with the girls. Unfortunately Lu's car broke down after she and Lashelle dropped me off. That's a whole other story... I'm hoping all goes well with that repair.

Monday, May 07, 2007

April Updates

I don't know why I try to re-cap a month in the next month when I can't remember what I had for breakfast...

Let's see...
Zack turned six - WAHOO! He was SO excited. The only thing he wanted for his birthday was a Nintendo Ds. He has a Gameboy so I refused but did tell him that if he got gift cards for his birthday he could use them for a DS. Of course, anytime he was asked what he wanted, he asked for gift cards. He pooled them all together (thanks Grammy, Granmma, Grandpa & Grandma Debbie) and we headed to Target for a brand spankin new Nintendo DS lite. It hasn't been far from his meaty-pawed grasp in weeks. Instead of a party we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge
Here's a link to some pics:

Great Wolf Lodge

We're waiting to hear from Matt's mom Lu - she spent most of the month in Italy. She's due home on the 8th. We can't WAIT to see pictures. We heard from her once and she was having a fantastic time in Venice. She got to have the gondola ride that she dreamed of.

I matched up with a photographer that took a bunch of pictures of Skyler at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. She was so cooperative (Skyler) and we all had a great time. The photographer, Jessica Hill, has put some of those pics on her website.
Here's a link to all of them, mostly unedited.

Skyler - Botanical Garden

May will be pretty busy for us (as usual). Soccer is over thankfully...Matt is taking a golf trip. Amanda is going to CA for Jessica's wedding shower. The kids are doing what kids do... mostly waiting for the pool to open Memorial Day weekend.
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