Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The kids end up in our bed A LOT! Zack has nightmares most nights and Skyler has reverted to babyhood. She just wants to snuggle in the middle, every night. She's also fond of having her head on your pillow and sleeping face to face, noses touching. Zack on the other hand would prefer if you would keep to YOUR side of YOUR bed. Most nights we play musical beds and I barely notice who's sleeping where anymore.

So last night Zack has a nightmare and comes flying in to my bed. I let him in but insist that he gets in the middle because I'm tired of being squished between Matt and whomever is visiting. He grumbles but climbs in. A little while later he informs me that he's going back to his own bed, clearing the way for visitor number two one hour later.

The next morning I ask Zack about his nightmare, he tells me and then says that he tried to sleep with us but he had to go back to his own room because it was too loud. He said "Daddy was snoring!" I asked "Was Mommy snoring too?" he replied "No, you were just... BREATHING!" Yeah Buddy, I do that sometimes.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Forgot to finish a story

I realized that I forgot to finish a story from our trip to Sea World.

Remember the part where Matt tasked me with keeping my mouth shut?

Well towards the end of the day we were all sort of losing steam and everyone had one last thing they wanted to do but no two people had the SAME last thing they wanted to do so we were all sort of milling about not going anywhere but commenting that we need to.

Ben (Matt's Brother) says to me: "Hey, can you get everyone moving here?"
Me: "I promised to keep my mouth shut. You can have everyone moving along in an orderly fashion, or I can keep my mouth shut, but you can't have both."
Ben: But look, everyone's smiling...

Touche dear BIL!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just for Amy

These pictures were all taken for Amy. The kids made sure there were lots of them.

These are called "lesser flamingos". I forget why...

Sea World

Lu had some free tickets to Sea World that she gave us & Ben & Shelle could get in free on the military deal so we all decided it would be fun to take 7 adults and 4 kids to Sea World for the day. If anyone knows how anxious I get when I'm faced with herding a large number of people around, you can imagine how much Matt wanted to medicate me for the day. I was tasked with "keeping my mouth shut", no easy task for me.

Matt drove us down from Temecula to San Diego. We were a little ahead of the group since they had to stop to let Noah do his business (sorry buddy), SO, we drove around the area that we used to live in in San Diego. At one point the following sounds were occuring all at the same time:

Skyler: "I have to pee"
Zack: "I'm hungry"
Amanda: "LOOK there's a Target, I can get a different t-shirt, this one isn't comfy"

Matt made a split decision to turn where he shouldn't have and wouldn't you know it that there was a cop just behind us. Not sitting somewhere near us, but literally the car behind us. It was the first time we encouraged Skyler to continue whining loudly that she had to pee. The cop probably felt bad for Matt having to deal with his wacko family and let him go with a warning not to "be his fifth fatality of the day".

We got to Sea World alive and well and met up with the other two cars in our caravan quite easily. Here are some pics, it was a HOT day:
The Dolphin Show

Sky holding Bryce:

The group (minus Lu taking the pic and Bryce sitting in his stroller)petting bat rays.

After lunch Shelle & Matt talked the little ones into sitting in the soak zone for the Shamu show :-)

I went in search of higher ground to photo them

This is their first drenching

As predicted, the kids were NOT impressed. Apparently they weren't clear on the definition of "soak".

Shelle, Noah, and Skyler moved one row higher, which didn't help much (at all).


Other shots:

Picnic at Jeff & Jessi's

Sunday Jeff & Jessi invited family over for a BBQ. We got to see their house which is very nice. The kids were thrilled to see that they had a huge blow up water slide for the day.

The big guys had their eyes on the pool table.

We all ate a ton of carne asada and watched them open gifts.

I have some better pics, but I'll have to post them later. Here's what I have for now - aren't Noah and his Grandma cute?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Wedding

Matt's little sister Jessica got married on August 4th to a great guy named Jeff. It's amazing how perfectly he fits into the crazy Molnar family. He fits in just right with the guys!

The wedding was held at Faulkner winery in Temecula, CA.

Jessica was a beautiful bride and just glowed throughout the ceremony and celebration. Here are some pictures:

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ventura (that makes my SIL Jessie Ventura ;-) )

Matt, his Mom Lu (Mother of the Bride), and his brother Ben:

Matt's Dad Al (Father of the Bride)and his wife Debbie:

Jeff and his Mother Tona:

The Guys:

The Girls (what the heck am I looking at?):

The Ring Bearers:




Matt's brother Ben and his wife Lashelle (Mom & Dad to Noah & Bryce)

Me & Matt:

My little flower girl:

I cried when she walked down the aisle. I bent down to tell her that she did a great job dropping petals.

My boy:

As soon as we were all released from picture duty, the kids kicked off their shoes and let loose.

The girls had a BLAST re-collecting flower petals and then throwing them all in the air. It was just as sun was setting so they looked so beautiful!

It got chilly quickly after the sun went down, I put Matt's jacket on and found a treat - too bad it was empty, I desperately needed it after the very long day of getting everyone ready:

Last one, believe it or not, Jessica started this one:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We were on vacation last week. Matt's sister got married at a winery in California. It was a beautiful wedding and a great vacation. I'm going to make multiple posts so I can organize my thoughts.

Let's see, we left home at 3:30am Thursday morning and set off for a long day. I dreaded the flight with the kids as all previous flights had been torture. They've apparently grown quite a bit because they were such angels. Skyler still had to pee everytime the captain turned off the seat belt light, but overall it was a great trip. Can I just take this moment to thank AirTran Airways for installing XM radio? Both kids sat and listened to radio Disney back and forth across the country. It was fantastic!

Anyway, Lu picked us up at the airport, then we rushed to her house, met up with Ben & Shelle and Noah and Bryce (who we met for the first time) and then got dressed and rushed out to the wedding rehearsal. It was chaotic to say the least. Getting that many people where they needed to be was insane. It all worked out and we got there eventually.

Skyler was THRILLED to see Grandpa after two years. Here are a few pics with her and Grandpa & Grandma Debbie and Noah:

This was a great time for the rehearsal and we're glad it was outside. Most of us hadn't seen each other in a year or two so there were lots of hugs and laughs.

The kids ran around...

We rehearsed, which I don't have pics of because, well we were rehearsing. We were a little busy convincing all six kids what they should be doing.

Then Jeff & Jessica treated us to dinner at Oggi's. Great time was had by all, especially the kids. They made full use of the mini-arcade and Grandpa's wallet. Jess & Jeff gave them all bears dressed as ring bearers or flower girls.

I also got to meet up with my friend Trevor who I hadn't seen in three years. I got to meet his new wife Heather too. We sat and talked in the bar while Skyler fell asleep in my lap and Zack played video chess at the bar with some guy who he kept convincing to plug quarters into the machine.

I was up a full 24 hours after driving my group home (I was dd). I crashed HARD that night, uh, morning.
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