Monday, September 24, 2007


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's get tattoos

Matt and I were supposed to go out with our friends Tom and Jenn Saturday night. Tom got sick and we found ourselves with a babysitter and nothing to do. Matt is on a great diet so we didn't want to go out to eat. Matt's been wanting to get a new tattoo for ages and we've tossed around the idea of a matching design and even sort of found something based on Shamrocks which are meaningful for us since I'm Irish and we got married on March 18th (close enough). We met and liked an artist from the Blue Horseshoe Tattoo parlor so we decided to drive by there and see if they were busy and if I had enough courage to go through with it. I got a snowflake tattoed on my back 9 years ago. It freakin hurt, BAD. I swore I'd never do another one but... like baby labor, you forget what the pain feels like.

We talked to Mike "the Kosher Kid" and agreed on a design for Matt and a design for me that incorporated elements from Matt's design but was teeny tiny to minimize pain. Then they said that I could go first. YIKES - I immediately got hot. We filled out the forms. Jason, the office guy, declared that I was "difficult" which made my heart swell. I pride myself on being difficult :-) Then Mike was ready for me.

Copied it to my foot:

Came at me with the needle:

Holy CRAP - YUP that HURTS!

Didn't feel so bad when he'd stop:

WHY did I agree to this?


Isn't the green pretty?


The star was to match Matt's tattoo which I'll show you in a sec. The shamrocks are for my little good luck charms, Zack & Skyler. After staring at it all weekend and feeling like it wasn't quite right Matt and I have come up with an addition that I'll make to it when I get the courage back up to go back. Oh and go back and look at the pics again. Do you see the guy behind me getting the inner part of his arm tattoed? Yeah, he just snoozed through his whole tattoo. He never flinched or really acted like anything besides a nap was going on. What is wrong with these people?

On to Matt. He chose a nautical star with shamrocks on the insides of the points.

We spent like three hours at the Blue Horseshoe. Everyone was SO nice and professional. Mike, our tattoo artist, was really nice and answered the thousand questions we asked him as he worked. Mike and Amy came down to join in the entertainment. I needed all the support I could get. Off to apply another layer of bacitracin...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nose to Nose

Skyler and I still love to take naps together on the weekends. Well, I love to take naps and I make her do it with me so it's not so weird that the kids are up but Mom is sleeping. It sounds better if I'm taking a nap with my four year old. Anyway, we have a king size bed and she still likes to sleep nose to nose. Freckles touching freckles. I don't usually like to be touched when I'm sleeping, but I'll take this for as long as she'll nap with me and I hope I remember it always. Pretty soon she won't be bothering with me and at least I'll have that memory of rubbing my freckles against hers.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Grounded from Technology

So, on the fifth day of school, I get a phone call from the director at Zack's new after care program. "Please call us immediately Zack was fighting with another child." LOVELY. I was right down the street. I walk in and he's sitting outside her office, dripping with sweat (he is every day when I pick him up. He has PE at the end of the day every day and then plays in the Gym for aftercare.) and he looks thoroughly miserable. Apparently he and another boy his own age were play fighting and it escalated at just the moment that the director glanced over. There is zero tolerance for fighting, regardless of the reason. They were both suspended from aftercare the next day. I'll repeat that, SUSPENDED, from aftercare. He's in First Grade.

I won't bore you with the details of our talks that evening. Imagine two parents detailing ad nauseum the reasons why you follow rules and don't fight at school, even play fight and how difficult it is for Mommy to leave work early to pick up your punished butt when you get suspended. We decided that he's grounded from Technology until friday, every day he behaves while grounded he can earn a day back. Without tv, computer, playstation or ds, the kid didn't know what to do with himself. Can you just hear me saying "Go read a BOOK"? The first night I was so mad I made him sort socks. NO ONE likes to do that.

He's finally made a buddy at after care so I think he'll get into less trouble. He seemed to have a much better week and didn't come home telling me how terrible it was there. Terrible for a 6 year old apparently equals non-stop games like basketball, kickball, popcorn, and others I don't know the names of, board games, coloring, and kids of all ages that go to your school to play with. He's led a sheltered life.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What's new...

I haven't posted in a few days because I haven't uploaded any new pictures but... I guess I don't HAVE to provide pictures.

Anyway, Zack's first week of school went great. He really likes 1st Grade. The best part so far, according to Zack, is lunch. ;-) I think he's somewhat bored this week as he's going from class to class having to hear "the rules" over and over. He has PE everyday and art, computers, library, and music once per week each. His teacher seems very nice and really on the ball. She sent him a note before school to welcome him to her class and then she called one night last week to invite us to Open House. I really like her so far.

Matt is working hard. He had his 30th birthday on Saturday. Big boy finally hit the big numbers. I think he was a little bit sad. He's the youngest (by far) of the couples that we hang out with, now he's just another person in their 30's. We went out for Sushi with our friends Mike & Amy, our birthday tradition. The guys drank 4, yes 4, bottles of Saki and made friends with Bruce the Sushi chef who produced a jar of his own Japanese Moonshine. He ladled it into shot glasses for Matt, Mike and the guys at the table next to us. They were all breathing fire. Then we got the great idea to go to a tatoo shop, thankfully they were closing as we were walking in so not much drunken damage could be done. He starts Nutrisystem today. I'll post before/after pictures when he gets to his goal weight. He got all his supplies last week and was really excited. He's got a diet buddy so they should be able to support each other really well. I'm excited for him!

Skyler started dance class today. Her daycare coordinated with a local dance studio to have dance class in the gym of daycare one day per week. I can't wait to hear whether she likes it. She was up early talking my ears off this morning, so that's a good sign.

Oh here are a couple of pictures:

First day of school (he looks thrilled doesn't he?)

Sitting at his new desk, writing his name for his teacher:

As my mother would say, that's all the news that's fit to print...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Tooth Fairy makes another visit

Zack lost his second tooth on Saturday Sept 1st. He ate an apple (aka "tooth extractor") and an hour later I noticed that he had a larger space in the front than he used to. Being the "Save EVERYTHING" kind of mother I am, I went digging through the trash to find the apple hoping to find the tooth stuck to it. No such luck, he must have swallowed it. Luckily the Tooth Fairy has tooth radar and was able to find it anyway.
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